How to write a business essay

No matter what business topic you cover in your writing, you should stick to a certain guideline when creating an essay . This will allow you to write informative, interesting work with a good clear structure. Let’s find out in more detail how to achieve this?

It is important to remember that the business essay should provide a solid and thoughtful material. Your thoughts and arguments need to be supported by facts, references and examples.

How do you write a business essay? Follow this 10-step plan!

How do you write an essay in a striking, effective and, above all, appropriate way? Writing an essay is a daily routine for very few people. Because of this it is often seen as a big task and it soon seems that you can not make more time for free in the coming period. Nonsense! Of course it takes time to write an essay, but if you follow the 10-step plan below, then you certainly do not have to take months to assemble the perfect piece for your colleagues, your department head or perhaps your employer yourself.

1. Writing an essay starts with reading

You can not write an essay without reading. It is the intention that you are fully aware of the subject before you write an essay about it. So you always start collecting all the information, doing research to complete all the pieces and thus ensuring that you can learn everything. It is also likely that later, after submitting your essay, you will receive questions that are not answered in your essay. You then have to be able to answer this directly without having to take your notes.

2. Analyze, argue and prove

It is necessary to properly analyze everything you want to include in your essay. You can not simply take over information without knowing for sure that the information is also correct. In the second step you will analyze, argue and prove. By linking the right arguments to the information, you not only make your essay unique, but you also provide the necessary proof that the information is correct. Do you write an essay about the construction of new homes? Send a questionnaire to people who are still searching for a home. Do they settle for a living space of 60 square meters? How much rent would they have left for this? What are the expectations of the outdoor space? Based on the answers you can substantiate matters in your essay.

3. Lift up your deepest personal arguments

When you write an essay, you not only have to deal with the information and opinions of others, but you also have your own opinion. It is precisely your opinion that must be clearly communicated in your essay. What is your specific position? What are your arguments? Write down these arguments and work them out. Dig deeper into yourself, because with ‘that’s what I’m used to’ you obviously can not turn up.

4. Complete the main argument completely

Multiple arguments are always good, but you do not have to figure them all out in your essay. Describe the arguments with a brief explanation and determine which argument stands out the most? Which argument is the most unique and most appealing to you? Choose this argument and only work out this argument completely.

5. The layout of your essay

In an essay you can not jump from the heel to the branch. A logical course must be made. You need a sharp structure that always encourages the reader to read on. Start with a foreword and share the rest of your essay in clear chapters. Divide the chapters into readable paragraphs and work with subtitles. It is good to make titles and subtitles clear, but not so clear that all information from the piece is already summarized. When you do this, the reader will make it easy for himself and read only the headlines. Sin of all your work! Make sure the reader is wondering what you actually mean by the (sub) title, so that the reader likes to read further.

6. We are going to start writing!

Step 6 is the step in which you can finally take pen and paper (or a computer) to start writing. You start with the introduction. The introduction must be short and concise, powerful and catchy. It is not the intention to write an introduction of 1,000 words. Brief introductions are preferred. In addition, the introduction must be designed in such a way that the reader becomes enthusiastic. Discuss your statement in the introduction to your essay and make your text catchy enough. In your introduction you have to do everything to prevent the reader from immediately putting it away again.

7. The design of your chapters

First write down the chapters from the loose wrist that jump into your mind. Then look critically at this list of chapter titles and delete all titles that are not necessary. This way you can keep the number of chapters within the limits. You write the title first for each chapter. Under the title you place some footnotes that show which matters are discussed in the chapter. Then you work out these footnotes in the text of your chapter, in clear paragraphs. Make sure that the paragraphs remain concrete and concise.

8. Give your essay a final word

The final word is very important. What is your actual conclusion? In the final word you indicate the added value of your essay. What do you want to achieve with this and what does the reader need to know about the subject? Before you started writing your essay, you asked yourself a question and with the essay you answer this. Describe clearly this answer (the conclusion) in your final word and describe it concisely.

9. Adding sources

The information you used to write your essay did not just fall from the sky. You got it from somewhere. Which sources have helped you to make your essay so clear, complete and strong? These sources must be mentioned, even if you have not included the information one by one, but have rewritten it to some extent. Source mentions must not be missing.

10. Test reading and correcting

Your essay is now finished, but this does not mean that it is ready to be submitted. It is important to read the whole yourself again. If possible, ask some test readers. These people see errors that you do not see yourself. Give each test reader a copy and let them specify corrections. Then you collect the essays from the test readers and you get to work with them. What needs to be corrected? What are still to be deleted and should some information be added? When you have redesigned everything, you print it again and read it completely. If necessary, re-enable test readers. So you can ultimately ensure that you have created a truly flawless whole that is more than worth the submission.

Preparation for writing a business essay

Before you start writing a business essay, try to look at the problem from all different perspectives. Carefully consider the composition of the future written work.

Gather any information that may lead to a discussion at an early stage before starting to write an essay.

Before you begin writing your business essay, you must follow a few important steps to ensure your future work has a high standard of excellence.

First, you need to analyze the problem that your work poses. Determine exactly what your essay focuses on. You must have a firm understanding of this. Only then can you begin searching for the right material for your essay.

If you do not understand the meaning of your business essay, your readers will not understand what it is about.

The next important step is to study the material for your business essay. Find relevant facts and specific thoughts that you want to indicate in the written work.

Writing a Business Essay in English

Collect all the material you need in front of you and structure it.

At this stage of the work it would be great to structure all the material that you are studying. Thus, you will not forget to mention what is important and obligatory in your future essay.

After all the preparatory work has been completed, the actual writing of the business essay begins . Hard to believe, but writing is considered the easiest part of the process.

Collect all the information in front of you and arrange it in a structured way.

Business essay structure

First comes the introduction. Here you should outline your understanding of the main problem of the essay and explain to the reader what solution you are proposing.

Then you need to describe the prerequisites for creating an essay. Here it is necessary to tell what theories already exist on the selected problem.

In the main research part of the essay list all the facts and other information that you have selected on this issue. You can also bring in the views of other people on this topic and your own reasoning.

It will be good if you add some contradictory facts in the essay so that the reader can think and reflect.

In the conclusion of your written work, you need to tie all your thoughts together and take stock. Your point of view on the problem should be the end result of the essay.

At the end of the work you should also list the sources of information that you used to create the work. In other words, you need to make a bibliography.