Tips for students moving to a US college

Have you ever considered going to college in the United States? Yes, migs, the traditional exchange is not the only study option out there! According to the International Institute of Education, more than 13,000 Brazilians passed through the halls of American higher education institutions in 2014 and you could be next. Check out 5 tips for joining an American university and get ready for the trip!

Prepare your history

Do you want to study in the United States? To be accepted into a foreign university, you must show your worth! One of the most esteemed points for Americans is their high school history. Those 10 grades in Portuguese, mathematics and chemistry will be very useful now! While in Brazil this does not directly influence the vestibular processes, outside your school notes are very important to show that you are, in fact, a good student. If you’ve finished high school, go after this record. If you are still studying, dedicate yourself as never before to win the best grades! And not only that: letters of recommendation from teachers talking about the exemplary student you are also help a lot, so let’s work on this networking!

Show that you want to study a lot out there

Do you know when you publish that text to prove an argument or show how much you like something or someone? Now you’re going to do it officially. A very important part of the enrollment process at an American university consists of an essay through which you must demonstrate how much you want to study at that particular institution and how you plan to take advantage of the course. Imagine that you are participating in those “Why do you deserve to meet your idol?” Contests and prove that you must be accepted by them!

It’s English time

We have good news and bad news for you, migs. The good news is that, as a member of the Bilingual Nation, you should already have the necessary knowledge to earn TOEFL certification, one of the requirements of many universities to prove your English proficiency. The bad news is that, even if you know how to translate all your documents perfectly, some institutions still require that this process be performed by a professional, certified translator (look at a future job opportunity there). Then translate everything you need to present: school history, curriculum, letters of recommendation, presentation of extracurricular activities and everything! And of course, keep practicing the language. You will need this much knowledge in the next stage of the process.

School aptitude test

The famous SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a kind of ENEM, a test with 20 subjects on areas of education such as English, history, mathematics and science. But do not panic, you do not need to provide all the subjects, you can only answer the questions of the subjects that will have some relation with your future course. That is, nothing to sink your head in chemistry books if your area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest is Letters, for example. It’s a lot easier to study like that, is not it? To improve your preparation, take the SAT simulations at home, considering the maximum time of 3 hours and 45 minutes you will have to complete the exam. Even Barry would have to run to take the test in time!

Maintain constant contact with the university

How will you know which subjects to study for the SAT? How do I find out if TOEFL is required? How to know everything you should do, in the smallest details? Asking, of course! The selection process may be different for each institution, so it is essential that you contact the university in question to get all your questions answered. Also pay attention to the registration deadline, because in some colleges, those who register first gain an advantage. No leaving for the last hour, okay? After approval, the university will also pass the instructions and documentation required for the student visa, but you can already move forward and provide your passport.

Ready to get your bag and go to an American university? Hire Rapid Essay ( to help you in developing quality essays as well as research paper writing help to make you the best candidate for your dream program. Will you know someone who is also going through the same process and can help you? The United States is so large in terms of extension, that the climate varies according to the region in which it is decided to study. In the area closest to Hawaii the weather is tropical and in the regions closest to Alaska the weather is much colder and even polar, although there are also areas with more moderate climates. In most states, winter is quite long so it is recommended to prepare warm clothes to face it.

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